NHQC3S-0002 Strategic Support Services (NS) - THU 2 Feb

NHQC3S-0002 Strategic Support Services (NS) - THU 2 Feb
EMW, Inc., Belgium

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Jan 23, 2023
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Feb 23, 2023

Job Description

Deadline Date: Thursday 2 February 2023

Requirement: Strategic Support Services to Coordination with the ACO, ACT and NCIA

Location: Brussels, BE

Full time on-site: Yes

NATO Grade: A4/G2X/97

Total Scope of the request (hours): 1824

Required Start Date: As Soon As Possible, but No Later Than 6 March 2023

End Contract Date: 31 December 2023

Required Security Clearance: NATO SECRET

Annex A Special Terms and Conditions

The contractor will be responsible for complying with the respective national requirements for working permits, visas, taxes, social security etc. whilst working on site at NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium.

No special status is either conferred or implied by the host organisation, NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium to the contractor whilst working on site.

The contractor will be responsible for complying with all the respective National Health COVID-19 regulations in Belgium before taking up the position.


The NHQC3S supports the Military Committee as the governance authority for NATO Cryptography, the C3 Board in its Cryptographic Technical Governance, the BiSCs, the NATO Agencies and several technical fora for the cryptographic Management functions. Furthermore, the recent foundation of the OCIO and its progressively deeper commitment in the NATO Cryptography ecosystem requires even more frequent interaction and need for mutual support.

In the actual context of momentous structural changes in the NATO Cryptography ecosystem, which is struggling to react and adapt to the fast advent of new technologies and threats, the NHQC3S is called to an effort not sustainable with the single resource is currently appointed for this scope.

The Cryptographic Transformation and the Cryptographic Modernization programmes, the Quantum Computing and the Artificial Intelligence threats, the end of the lifecycle of cryptographic capabilities and algorithms, the procurement of new capabilities, the accession of new Countries to NATO, the support to Partner Nations for operational interoperability with NATO, the interaction and the need for synchronization with the EU and FMN, the support to the development of cryptographic new standards and specifications, the rationalization of the control and management tools for the NATO Cryptographic inventory and approved capabilities require an exceptional effort for the next 5-6 years that can be faced, in the immediate, with additional resources in support, and in the mid-term with structural organic changes.

To support this effort, NHQC3S requires services that will leverage in-depth knowledge of the NATO environment (International Staff, International Military Staff and NATO Command Structure), a deep understanding of NATO committees (inter alia the C3 Board and the Military Committee, Investment Committee), working groups and technical authoring teams and how they work and interact.

The project will support the NATO Cryptography Governance through the improvement of coordinated management functions and actions.


The contractor (senior expert) will provide, effectively and efficiently, the following services, under the strategic direction of the NHQC3S-CDO but with minimal practical supervision, with a special focus on Crypto Modernization and Transformation programmes, in support of the NATO Cryptography Governance and Management functions:

2.1 Provide continuous and quality executive advice to the NHQC3S-CDO on the crypto business cases, on the base of both a deep knowledge of the relevant NATO Policies, Directives and Guidance paper and a specific technical competence and skills. This should include proposing creative, collaborative ways of understanding problems, designing and drafting recommendations, documents, plans and papers, reflecting the NATO IMS and IS standards and procedures.

o Measurement: To the CDO satisfaction, concerning the tailored advice provided by the consultant. Confirmation by the CDO, concerning the positive impact of the advice provided on the achievement of the CDO strategic goals and objectives.

2.2 Ensuring a direct liaison function between NHQC3S-CDO and senior executives within the Allied Command Operations (ACO), the Allied Command Transformation, (ACT), the Office of the CIO (OCIO), the MC Agencies, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA), the NATO Office of Security (NOS), the NATO Office of Resources (NOR) and other NATO Enterprise bodies. This would include building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships, facilitating communications, coordinating activities acting as CDO representative in all the Crypto related fora, meetings (including Allied senior boards and committees), workshops, conferences and exercises;

o Measurement: Confirmation by the CDO, concerning the quality of the engagement with the abovementioned bodies and the value added to the achievement of the CDO strategic stakeholders engagements’ objectives.

2.3 Ensuring a direct liaison function between NHQC3S-CDO and the National Representatives to the MCWG(CIS), the C3B and its substructures, the Allied Cryptographic task Force (ACTF) and the National experts in the respective National Security Agencies (NSA)

o Measurement: Confirmation by the CDO, concerning the quality of the engagement with the abovementioned bodies and the value added to the achievement of the CDO strategic stakeholders engagements’ objectives.

2.4 Creation and maintenance of a database of all the crypto approvals with granularity on security characteristics, status and the services supported, keeping mutual coherence with the Cryptographic Baseline, Continuous coordination with SECAN and ACT is requested

o Measurement: Confirmation by the CDO on the quality of the product and the update latency.

2.5 Support the NATO Common-funded crypto capabilities planning and procurement processes

o Measurement: efficient management of the NHQC3S’ segments of the processes and productive interactions and coordination with NOS/IC/NCIA

2.6 Support the full cycle of the crypto Transformation process, providing appropriate advices and facilitating coordination among the stakeholders

o Measurement: effective coordination among ACO/OCIO/ACT

2.7 Support the full cycle of the Crypto Modernization process

o Measurement: efficient planning of Cryptographic capability replacement in coordination with ACO/ACT/NCIA, efficient overseeing of the Crypto modernization battle-rhythm, meetings and organization, preparation of MC consultations and decisions.

2.8 Provide support to unforeseen urgent requirements as necessary.

o Measurement: Support as necessary until the end of 4th Quarter 2023 (and subsequently if the contract is extended).


[See Requirements]


The service will be executed primarily on site at the NATO HQ offices in Brussels, Belgium. Frequent travels or short deployments to NATO bodies and Committee meetings in NATO Countries would be required. Due to the nature of the work, minimal teleworking can be foreseen.


The services of the contractor are required for the period starting 6th of March 2023 until 31th December, 2023.


Secure environment with standard working hours. Occasional non-standard hours may be required in support of the NATO HQ urgent tasks.


Occasional business travel may be required. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the individual directly (in addition to the hourly rate) under NATO rules.


The contractor must be in possession or capable of possessing a security clearance of NATO SECRET.

A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required.



  • The candidate must have a currently active NATO SECRET security clearance
  • The contractor must have familiarity with the technical, military and political aspects and structures of ICT capabilities and cryptographic governance within NATO.
  • The contractor must have specific experience with writing (support) within NATO, preferably with CIS Security directive
  • The contractor must have familiarity with cryptographic concepts and products.
  • The contractor must be able to display a thorough understanding of NATO committees, working groups and technical authoring teams and how they work and interact.
  • The contractor must have excellent English writing skills and the ability to brief on their work in English (NATO equivalent SLP 4343).
  • The contractor must have: Project management education; Knowledge on IP Network security; Knowledge on CIS cryptography; Full mastery on MS Office package;
  • The contractor should have: Technical knowledge on IP Network security; Technical knowledge on CIS cryptography;
  • Previous knowledge and experience in NATO common funded and customer funded resource planning is desirable.
  • Previous knowledge or experience with NATO Cryptographic and Information Assurance efforts is desirable.
  • Recent experience of writing NATO technical directives and policy is desirable.

Job Specification

EMW, Inc.

Information Technology and Services - Mons, Belgium