Emilio Chile

professor at Ministry of hight education
Experience: 11 Years
Location: Bruxeles , Belgium

Professional Summary

WORK EXPERIENCE In Europe 2007 - Principal Coach of the Elite Female Volleyball team (KFUM), Stavanger - Norway Personal Trainer at ELIXIA (fitness company), Stavanger - Norway 2006–2007: Personal trainer at SATS Ila (fitness company), Oslo - Norway 2001–2005: Trainer of women’s teams in Kampenhout, Haach and Drogenbos, Belgium 1999–2001:Trainer of men’s volleyball team in First division, the Netherlands In Cuba 1993 – 1999: Head Supervisors for thesis of degree on ball games at the National Agricultural University of Havana (UNAH) 1992 – 1999 Head teacher of volleyball at UNAH Volleyball instructor at the Faculty for Physical Education at UNAH Head of the Postgraduate Department for Research in Sports at UNAH 1994 – 1998 National Projec


  • Aug 1990 - Jan 2001
    Ministry of hight education
    Havana city., Cuba
    professor of Culture Physic and Specialist of Volleyball.


  • Jun 1986
    Bachelor's - LICENCIADO
    ISCF, "Manuel Fajardo"
    Habana, Cuba
    SPORT PROFESSOR Emilio Chile Acosta Date and place of birth: August 26 1962, Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) Nationality: Cuban. Tel: 0032 470 55 72 53 Email: [email protected] EDUCATION 1980 – 1986: Commander Manuel Fajardo Higher Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation (Inst


  • Manager Reachers in Physical Education.
  • Manager Reachers in Sports.
  • Specialist on Physical conditioners of games balls players.
  • sports coach


  • Norwegian
    (Basic - Familiar)
  • Dutch
    (Conversational - Limited)
  • English
    (Conversational - Advanced)
  • Spanish
    (Fluent - Full Knowledge)
  • French
    (Fluent - Wide Knowledge)